What We Do

Founded in 2002 by Emmy Award winning Sound Engineer Jacques Boulanger, Creative Audio Post is a full-service audio and video post-production studio based in New York City and serving clients worldwide. From a 30 second commercial to an IMAX 3D surround film, we deliver an inspired and unique production influencing its emotional impact. We listen attentively to clients, rolling-up our sleeves to devise the ideal sound for each remarkable soundtrack to invoke intended emotion.


Our studios specialize in high-impact sound design, re-recording mixing, finishing, narration, ADR recording, Source-Connect, and ISDN connection for short and long-form television programs, documentaries, film productions, and video games. We employ state-of-the-art studio equipment with the latest sound mixing software, and a proprietary track-balancing methodology that ensures every sound element contributes to your production’s overall emotional soundscape.


We work with television and film producers and directors to noticeably enhance their production - from ambisonic location recordings, to precisely synchronized Automatic Dialogue Replacement or the sounds of waves crashing on the beach while watching a perfectly color-graded sunset in Maui. Back your production with the talent and intelligence unified in our Emmy-award-winning audio-post–production team that delivers quality work within budget that exceeds your expectations.