At the heart of our full service facility, Creative Audio Post provides one of the best studio options in New York City for Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Narration, and VO record. Combining comfort, good aesthetics and functionality, our state of the art mixing and recording suites were created to inspire the performance and enhance the delivery of every talent. Our easily accessed voice-over booth combined with a premier sound mixing room makes communication between the talent and producers seamless, and an expeditious workflow of every session we record. Our unique and refined selection of microphones, pre-amps and dynamic processor combined with Source-Connect, ISDN, and Skype connectivity provide for the most pristine recordings along with ultimate flexibility to handle any session requirements. Whether your talent is an A-Lister, an up-and-coming talent or just in a loop group, Creative Audio Post looks forward to working with you on your next project to bring out the very best of every performance.