We work with television, film producers, and directors to noticeably enhance their production – from the roar of an engine to precisely synchronized Automatic Dialogue Replacement or the slow sweet sound of a banjo during closing credits. At Creative Audio Post, we’ve mastered the fine art of sound design, bringing your stories to life for the enjoyment of audiences nationwide. Back your production with the talent and intelligence united in our Emmy-award-winning audio post-production team. We employ state-of-the-art studio equipment, the latest sound mixing software, and a proprietary track-balancing methodology to ensure every sound element contributes to your production’s overall emotional soundscape. Integrate powerful audio accompaniment and custom effects at the ideal moment, with just the right impact and for just the right duration to amplify viewer response. Creative Audio Post is a recognized leader in audio post-production services, specializing in sound design, editing, mixing, narration recording, ADR looping for short- and long-form films, television programs, documentaries, video games, promos and commercials.